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Website has moved!
Posted by Sylver @ 16:48 CET, 24 October 2014

Hey dear CPMers. After a few months of work, I eventually released a new version of the website that I am now hosting myself. This way I can maintain it more easily. I adapted all the code for Symfony 2 and tried to improve it as much as I could.

You can now access the new website on cpma-news.org. The data is still the same, so your accounts will still be available.

Big thanks to Russia qrealka who’s hosted this version for a long time (around 2 years)!

In the coming weeks/months, I’ll work on a ranking section for the new website. So, stay tuned!

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CPM Masters 2014 Announce
Posted by Sylver @ 21:27 CET, 5 October 2014

So it’s been a month since the pre-announce and it’s time to assess the situation.

CPM Masters 2014 will take place in full double elimination system, with Qualification stage on 12th & 18th of October, Finals in November.

Given the current amount of donations from the European community equals mighty $50 (thanks to France xou for that), with a total of $374 as of 5th of October, the mode for the Cup, for obvious reasons, is 1v1. No suggestions have been made as of now on the map pool, so it is to remain neo-classic.

± Tournament System
Tournament system is Full Double Elimination. Finals stage is played out between 16 player slots. Players placed at top 4 places during CPM Masters 2013 are invited directly to the Finals. 4 players are qualified at 12th and 18th of October for a total of 8 players. The last 4 players are invited after the Qualification ends.
Grand Final (for Qualifications and Finals) is best of 5 series with an advantage of 1 map win for the player raising from the winners’ bracket.

± Maps
cpm3a (WR 15), cpm15 (WR 15), cpm22 (WR 5), cpm24 (WR 5), pukkat2 (WR 5)
Picking rules: Players call heads or tails and call vote ’random 2’ (’cointoss’). Winner of cointoss states his map of choice which is going to be played first and decides who’s going to pick the 2nd map to play. If a tie occurs after 2 maps played, players call vote ’random 2’ again with heads or tails picked. Winner of this cointoss decides who will drop first map remaining in the map pool. Each player drops a map until one map remains to be played.

± Server picking rules
Any CPMA CPMA 1.48 server with standard settings could be used. The ping difference between players should not be higher than 30. If players can’t agree on suitable server, it is picked by an admin. Once a player gets ready in-game he accepts the server and its settings as they are.

± Admin list
The list of the admins, including new candidates, is as follows:
France xou
Czech_Republic neverGreen
Finland gaiia
Russia DEZ
Russia Godzie
The admins’ list is a subject to edit, with good backed-up reasons to do so.
Regarding the well-noted involvement of zubich in the discussion, his name was never in the pre-announce to begin with. Therefore, zubich is not to be among the Cup admins and he will not take any part in administration of the cup.
Regarding arguable situations: Any arguable situation, if not resolved by the respective players themselves, is to be regulated by admin’s decision, or, if he is subjective for the matter, by a collective decision of all the admins available at the moment.

± Prizes and paying out
Distribution of the prize pool is as follows (* for the current amount of funds awarded):

1st: 50% of the total (*~$187)
2nd: 25% of the total (*~$93)
3rd: 15% of the total (*~$56)
4th: 10% of the total (*~$37)

Same as CPM Masters 2013, all rewards will be payed out using PayPal.

Newcomers, experienced players and veterans - all are welcome to participate and fight for the prize!

Donations are accepted via PayPal to cpmmasters2014@gmail.com from anyone willing to take part or show some support for CPMA CPMA CPM. Please include your name in the transfer donation, so that your support could be made known in public.

No broadcasters have currently planned to stream the event. Contact the admins if you want to be the first.

Links: 1st Qualification: Sign-up, Tournament page - 2nd Qualification: Sign-up, Tournament page - mirc #masterscup
esr Original post

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Reflex funding campaign on Kickstarter
Posted by Sylver @ 22:38 CET, 22 September 2014

TurboPixel, who is developing a CPMA successor called Reflex has started a Kickstarter funding campaign to help them to cover their future needs and allow them to dedicate full-time on the development. They are a small team of 3 devs but they already made a huge and nice job.

You can pledge starting from 1 AUD, but several rewards are given if you exceed specific thresholds, from 10 AUD to 3,000 AUD (such as early access to beta, alpha or prototype version). The pledge can only be made with credit cards on the Kickstarter platform so far since, no PayPal support since it would immediatly transfer the money. The funding aims $360,000 (AUD) and will close on Oct 20 2014 5:43 AM CEST.

Netherlands Vo0 has already access to a pre-alpha version and is playing/mapmaking on his twitch channel.

Links: Kickstarter page, ESR post

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CPM Masters 2014 in the makings
Posted by Sylver @ 00:37 CET, 2 September 2014

Today RussiaEKSelenc has annonced that the 2014 edition of CPM Masters was on tracks. The tourney is only at its early stages, but a call for donations has be made. The goal is to reach at least the €1,400 collected last year. If you are willing to contribute to make this major tournament happen, you can donate through PayPal to cpmmasters2014@gmail.com.

The format has not yet been decided, but TDM or 2v2 are proposed.

You can find more information and participate in the discussion about the format on the original post on esr ESR.

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Cow ProMode
Posted by Sylver @ 18:15 CET, 30 July 2014

Switzerland myT has just released his new CPMA CPMA frag movie, Cow ProMode.

Quoted from myT

Cow ProMode is a CPMA fragmovie featuring my bovine Quake friends and myself. It is my second fragmovie, the first one being Quake - The Moohvie.

± Files/Stream Info
Length: 12m 41s
Google Drive/YouTube: Up to 1920x1280, 30 FPS
Hi-res DL: 1920x1080, 60 FPS, H264/FLAC, 1.30 GB
Lo-res DL: 1280x 720, 60 FPS, H264/FLAC, 725 MB

± Featured Players
United_States_of_America erhiy for one funny incident
Germany farnish
United_States_of_America gramz
United_States_of_America Hehateme
Switzerland myT
United_Kingdom Sab0o
France Sylver
Netherlands Terifire
Norway tomator for another funny incident

Extra: Extra: Mirror list, full credits & info, Q3MME config, demos, screenshots, etc
Teaser: Cow ProMode teaser page

Stream: Google Drive / YouTube
Download: Maverick - 720p | Maverick - 1080p | Others download on the original ESR post

esr Original post

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Posted by Sylver @ 17:54 CET, 2 May 2014

Hello Quakers, we would like to bring forward the first season of the X-League. The X-League will be the first genuine Cross-Atlantic League in CPMa. It will be a Draft Style, 4v4 CTF league. The idea behind this league is to integrate the teams to represent both European, and North American players.

Players list: Current players list

± Rules
Please read the rules and if you have any questions contact Greece Kwong:
  1. This will be a league spread out over several weeks, the exact number of weeks will depend on the amount of sign-ups.
  2. All League matches will be played on Sunday in the given week, times will be posted when finalized.
  3. All league matches will be a Best of Two (BO2).
  4. All league matches will be played on both European, and North American servers.
  5. All teams MUST draft a minimum of one (1) player from the opposite region.
  6. All teams MUST play a minimum of one (1) player from the opposite region per map. For example, one North American player must play on a European Server, and vice-versa.
  7. Each week a map will be selected as the Map Of The Week. The teams will then play that specified map twice once on an EU server and then on a NA server. The combined scores from the two (2) games will be added together to produce a winner of the match. To illustrate this, please look at this example: It is Team A vs. Team B, Team A wins 3-2 on the European server, Team B wins 4-0 on North American server. Team B would win by a score of 6-3. However, TIES CAN OCCUR, say for example if Team A wins 3-2 on European server, and Team B wins 3-2 on North American server. The teams would TIED 5-5.
  8. Standings will be updated weekly, Three Points (3) are awarded given for a win. One Point (1) for a tie. Zero Points(0) for a loss.
  9. Once again, I will repeat that ALL MATCHES will be played on both servers. If you draft only euros with 1 North America player, be prepared to play with 3 players, with 100+ ping, on the North American server.
  10. The servers used for pickups in both region,s or the closest servers geographically between Europe and North American will be used, that is, Europeans will not be forced to play on South-Central, or Western servers, and North American players will not be forced to play on Russian servers.

Playoffs: At the end of the regular season the top four teams will play in a single elimination, playoff bracket in order to determine the Season One Winner of the X-League.

Cheating: All forms of cheating (aimhack, wallhack, aliasing) are prohibited, and will result in an immediate ban, and replacement.

Rule Interpretation: Admins have final say over the interpretation of the rules, and can unilaterally enforce a course of action if it has not been explicitly covered in the rules.

± Captains list

± Tournament information
The selection process (or The Draft) will take place 17:00 CEST, 10 May 2014 before first match-day scheduled for 17:00 CEST, 11 May 2014.

± Sign-up procedure
Players will sign up to be eligible for the Live Draft, from today, until the draft starts, from which the admins will select the captains. The captains will be picked on skill, and experience, and they will select their teams from the remaining player base.
To sign up for the Live Draft, please contact Greece Kwong, or United_States_of_America nzm, via #Xleague, on irc.quaknet.org.
Please include your alias, location, and position of play (attack? defence?).

± The Draft
All players that have signed up and want to play must check in for the draft. This is the mandatory check-in process.
All players who wish to play must be signed up ahead of time, and must check-in via IRC. Players who sign up, and do not attend the Live Draft, will be added to the sub list and may or may not get a chance to play.
All teams are encouraged to have subs, to ensure they can always field a full team every week.
The pre-selected captains will have voice (“+”) in the channel, and the channel will be moderated. Each captain will have setup their own IRC channel, and once selected by a captain, the player MUST go to that captain’s channel. Captains communicate with admins and schedule games with other captains.

± Schedule
Match times will be posted shortly, and throughout the season.

± Servers list
The following servers are ready to played on, and more will be added before the tournament begins:
Germany roboty @ roboty.cpmpickup.de:27961;password lobstarz
Germany lazery @ lazery.cpmpickup.de:27962;password lobstarz
Netherlands RU8? @;password
Netherlands Everyday I’m Shovellin @
Sweden Granis @ home.granis.se:27960;password bender
United_Kingdom Bosstour @
United_States_of_America NYC (East) @

± Schedule
The map list will be posted once the Live Draft is completed. Standard CTF maps will be used, no surprises?! ;)

± Admins
Greece Kwong
United_States_of_America nzm
United_States_of_America hehateme1
United_States_of_America nineX

Stream: Ready Up Radio

Links: mirc #xleague, mirc #cpmpickup, mirc #uscpmpickup, mirc #promode
esr Original post

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Posted by Sylver @ 20:24 CET, 13 March 2014

Unreal Tournament is not the only famous FPS that has been ported onto browsers. Quake 3 is now running on browsers thanks to QuakeJS. It is using a port of ioquake3 and emscripten. And guess what? CPMA is one of the mode working on it (along with VanillaQ3 and Q3Fortress).

You can either play a practice game against a bot or an online match. Available maps are cpm1a, cpm3a, cpm22, ztn3tourney1 (for CPMA) and q3dm1, q3dm7, q3dm17 and q3tourney2 on VQ3. Gamesmodes available are FFA, 1V1, CA, CTF and FT for CPMA, and FFA + CTF for VQ3.

Try it out!

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CPM Movements guide by BunnyHopTV
Posted by Sylver @ 00:52 CET, 4 February 2014

The BunnyHopTV group is planning to make a CPMA CPM movement show on their channel (twitch here) this Sunday: On 20:00 CET, 9 February 2014, passed since 1 year 70 days 8 hours 52 minutes. The goal of this show is to provide a guide for CPM movements and to cover almost any aspects to learn and improve your movements skills.

Germany nekon will be streaming this along with Finland mew.

esr Original post

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Posted by Sylver @ 01:27 CET, 27 January 2014

CPM movements competition

You are invited to participate in a competition to see who has the best moves in CPM! The winner of this competition will not be decided on frags but on moves and style. In order to participate, you must submit a single demo using the CPMA mod, with CPM gameplay mechanics, and on a map from the official CPMA map pack between 30 and 60 seconds in length. All demos must be submitted by March 2, 2014. Please see below for more details and specific rules.

± Map pool
Any map within the official CPMA map pack! For the official map pack, go HERE.

± How will my demo be judged?
You have 30 to 60 seconds to showcase your movement skills and style. We encourage participants to be as creative as possible. While the difficulty and novelty of tricks will garner more points, please also consider the "flow" of your demos. The idea is to showcase not only your own movement skills and style, but also what CPM movement is capable of.
A panel of judges will rate your demo based on the following criteria (from 0-10, with 10 being the best!):
  1. Difficulty: The more difficult the tricks/moves, the higher the points!
  2. Execution: Few or no mistakes present in the demo equals more points!
  3. Usefulness: Tricks that can be very useful in an actual match will receive more points!
  4. Transitioning: The smooth transition of each trick to subsequent tricks will receive more points!

± Judges
United_States_of_America Apheleon
United_States_of_America Ninex_
United_States_of_America Pakalolo
Spain Santile
More to be announced. Please contact us if you’re interested in judging!

± Rules
  1. Participant must submit a single demo between 30 seconds and 60 seconds in length.
  2. Demo must be on an "official" CPMA map (i.e., any map included in the CPMA map pack). For the official map pack, go HERE.
  3. Weapons are allowed.
  4. No scripts, no bots, no timescaling, no demo cutting, no aliasing, et cetera.. Your movement should be entirely unassisted.
  5. All demos should be submitted to lolograde@gmail.com before March 2, 2014 12:00AM GMT.

Can I use weapons?
Yes, use whatever weapons you want!
Can self-damage and fall-damage be turned off?
Yes, it can be turned off.
Can judges submit demos?
Yes, but judges will not be allowed to judge their own demos.
What if I submit a demo that is shorter than 30 seconds or longer than 60 seconds? Am I disqualified or is there a penalty?
For every FULL second short of 30 seconds or longer than 60 seconds, points will be deducted from the demo’s ratings. However, allowance will be given in the event a demo is 29.5 seconds or 60.5 seconds (i.e., no points will be deducted). You may want to use myT’s UDT cutting tool (here) or QLDT (here) to trim your demo to the exact length/segment you want to submit.
Are Threewave maps allowed?
No, they are excluded. However, we might consider holding a second competition with a different map pool!
Can I submit multiple demos?
No, just one per participant. Also, aliasers will be disqualified if they attempt to avoid this rule.
What if I submit a demo and then decide I want to replace it with another demo, can I?
Yes, but please include in your email that the new submission is your FINAL submission. Your previous submission will be deleted prior to being reviewed by the panel of judges.
Can the demo include frags?
Yes, but they will not count towards the demo’s rating.

± Links & info
#promode @ QuakeNet.org
#cpmpickup @ QuakeNet.org
#uscpmpickup @ QuakeNet.org

Thanks to Switzerland myT and Finland mew for feedback and ideas. =)

esr Orignal post

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Talking To Masters - A Question of CPM
Posted by Sylver @ 23:43 CET, 20 November 2013

xerosawyer interviewed some of the CPM Masters Cup Stars in preparation of the upcoming event. You’ll get all of it on the ESR Post

Do not forget to schedule your whole Saturday 21th evening for one of the greatest CPM cup of the last couple of years !

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Promode Masters Cup 2013
Posted by Sylver @ 01:10 CET, 21 October 2013

Here is an interesting post made by adem, from the #promode.ru community. (esr Source)

It’s been a long time since the last CPMA Q3 Promode tournament with actual prize pool (as in ’more then 20 bucks’) took place. Some smaller cups occurred from time to time, mostly for pure fun and enjoyment, which is basically all one can expect from Promode in 2013. Tears have been shed about the grim future of Promode, glorious fights that have been fought, great time we’ve had and so little hope we had left over the past few years. The times have changed and brought ’pure’ shooters to a mostly stuttering position, with little of new players’ inflow, communities fracturing or disappearing, and Promode has suffered the full extent of it.

While there have been some wild attempts to revive Promode, to some success, with the last developers dropping CPMA development it seems to be no longer possible. In the end, however, all comes down to playing the game you like and having the enjoyment of beating someone with your skill. It may not be possible to make our favourite game big once again but there is a breed of new players playing along with old ones still enjoying it.

That is why during last summer meeting we, Russia #promode.ru community, decided to organize a worthy tournament with a prize pool to spice up the challenge and make things a bit more interesting once more. We talked over the current state of the scene and realized that teammodes would probably not get enough teams signed up, so we stayed with the idea of managing a pure 1v1 event. Most of people still involved in community donated so this is where it kicks in.

All players are welcome to participate. Older 1v1 veterans are encouraged to flex some muscles and get in. We hope United_States_of_America U.S. & Canada Canada players would consider participating as well.

± Prize pool $1400
goldcup 1st place - $450
silvercup 2nd place - $350
bronzecup 3rd place - $250
4th place - $150
5th-8th place - $50

All prizes are currently being given out via PayPal only.
± Tournament system
1. 1st Qualification - Best Of Three, Double Elimination, 3rd of November.
2. 2nd Qualification - Best Of Three, Double Elimination, 9th of November.
3. Each Qualification determines 4 players advancing to Finals for a total of 8 players.
4 more players are pre-invited before the Qualifications and don’t have to qualify for the finals. The pre-invited players are: Bulgaria HAL_9000, Finland gaiia, Lithuania eThaD, Spain memphis. Another 4 players are invited by the tournament organizers to enter the Finals after the Qualification stage ends.
4. Finals - Best Of Three, Double Elimination; Grand Final - Best Of Five, 23rd of November.
± Map pool
- cpm15
- cpm22
- cpm24
- cpm3a
- pukkat2

Map picking order: winner of coin-toss picks his map first. In a case of tie match the player with least frags on two maps bans one of the remaining maps first. Weapon respawn times: default respawn times for each map.
± Servers list
Pings of dueling players should not differ by more than 30 ms:
roboty.cpmpickup.de:27961;password lobstarz
lazery.cpmpickup.de:27962;password lobstarz
cpm.crossvault.de:27961;password cpmduel
cpm.crossvault.de:27962;password cpmduel
cpm.crossvault.de:27963; password cpmduel; password cpmduel; password cpmduel
home.granis.se:27960;password bender
home.granis.se:27961;password bender
home.granis.se:27962;password bender
home.granis.se:27963;password bender
bosstour.co.uk:27960; password ninemil
± Administrators and referees
Finland gaiia
Lithuania ethad
Czech_Republic nevergreen
Russia dez
Russia godzie


Stream: NoProblemTV (if you are interested in streaming, please contact with admins in IRC)
Links: mirc #masterscup

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14th #cpmduel cup
Posted by neverGreen @ 10:12 CET, 15 October 2013

#CPMDUEL channel brings you another dose of promode action in the form of CPMA 14th cpma challenge promode duel cup held on 17th of October at 17:30:00 CET. If you are interested, you can SIGN UP! We’d like to welcome all participants to chat via #cpmduel channel on Quakenet and everyone to spectate (hopefully there’s gonna be a stream available). We’ll remind you that ranking system is working already and you can check it here (NEWS->RANKINGS). Rules are the same as last time. GL&HF !

± Main INFO
Date and time: 17th of October, 17:30 CET
Check-in: 17:00 CET in #cpmduel channel
System: full double elimination, best of three
Map pool: cpm3a, cpm15, cpm22, cpm24, eizdm4-15, pukka3tourney2, hektik
Admins: Czech_Republic neverGreen and Spain Memphis

Original ESR post: http://www.esreality.com/post/2492770/14th-cpmduel-cup/

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inZENity Cups #3-4 - Highlights
Posted by Sylver @ 21:43 CET, 1 September 2013

Russia Lunokhod-2 (a.k.a RobotyAttack) just made an inZENity Cups Highlights for the two last editions. Have fun !

inZENity Cups Highlights

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Quake - The Moohvie
Posted by Sylver @ 08:31 CET, 26 August 2013

The long waited Switzerland myT’s Fragmovie has finally arrived. Be prepared for 20 mins of great VQ3, OSP, CPMA and QL frags done by Finland gaiia, Turkey Raist, Netherlands Terifire and Switzerland myT himself.

± Fun Facts
Raist’s original nickname was ’Raistlin’, but he shortened it to just ’Raist’.
Almost all of myT’s complete (cut) demo collection is from 2012 or later, only a dozen or so demos are from the preceding decade!
The peak data usage for the fragmovie was 1309 GB.
Raist is the luckiest Quake player alive.
myT originally developed UDT to serve his own needs to speed up work on the fragmovie.
Cows > sharks with lasers > *

Quake - The Moohvie

Check the esr original ESR post for more details and links.

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inZENity Cups #1-2 - Highlights
Posted by Sylver @ 23:47 CET, 18 August 2013

Russia Lunokhod-2 (a.k.a RobotyAttack) just made an inZENity Cups Highlights for the two first editions. Enjoy this and think about participating to the next one !

inZENity Cups Highlights

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